Starting Your Blog - Series: #1 - Where to Start Your Blog?

Where to Start Your Blog? Getting Your Blog Online with Free or Paid Hosting Services.

She has been thinking about it for years and she is ready to get started with blogging. Where to start? There seems to be so many options of where to start the blog on the internet. The service she is looking for is called hosting. 

A host is a place that is where the blog is stored (or hosted) on the Internet, so that people can access it. There was a time when you could host things from your computer, and I guess it still could be done - but this was not and is not practical. This is why it is not practical, when a person accesses a website or blog they are literally connecting to files on a computer (or in the cases I talk about here), a computer called a server. If your computer was used it would have to be always on, have a very fast Internet connection, and have a large amount of memory. So, what we do to have a blog on the internet (or website for that matter) is we find a host server from someone that has servers that are always on the internet. The companies that have server (computers) connected for the purpose of hosting website and blogs usually charge for this hosting service, but there are a few free options. The ironic thing is that a free service is usually harder to use than a paid service. For a person with more experience working with websites, then a free service may be good. A beginner should work with a paid service, because it is easier to work with and has support staff that can easily solve problems and answer questions. It is like buying a car. A normal person with no car repair would likely buy a new car so that they could avoid the repairs and problems of a older used car. They would pay much more, but would save many problems they could have with an older car. An experienced mechanic, may be able to buy a used car, and save a lot of money. They would be more likely to fix or have the car fixed correctly when problems arise. So is the case here. The beginner or intermediate person that would like to start a blog should most likely used a paid service. The best paid services, like Bluehost, whom we recommend because we are affiliated with them; offer easy to use great hosting service with experienced, knowledgeable, thorough, and friendly support available anytime. Also the paid services like Bluehost, are very inexpensive in caparison to most things you will buy for blogging. Bluehost uses the Wordpress blogging platform. So when choosing your Bluehost hosting plan, select Wordpress. In addition to hosting your blog on Wordpress, you get a domain name or URL for one year. A domain name or URL is the address of your website on the internet, for example Microsoft's domain name or URL is Not all names are available, so you may have to be creative to get a domain name you are happy with. Our domain for our blog site here is Blog Hosting is $3.95 (or $2.95 sometimes) US per month (this is discounted from $7.99 per month). A great deal for the great services and support you get, a real bargain I believe!

Of all websites (not just blogs, but websites), around 1/3 (or 32%, according to this article) of them run on Wordpress. You can learn more about the facts and histort of Wordpress here. Wordpress probably has more ways to enable features called add-ins, extensions, or widgets than any other website software available. It is often just referred to as WP. It is very versatile and can give you the ability to do about anything a major company could do with their blog or website. It does have some learning curve, but it can be setup in a few hours, especially if you are using a paid service with great support.

This is not the only choice for paid hosting services, there are many paid services available. This is the only one I have used and have experience with. It is also probably the number one most recommended and reviewed Wordpress blog hosting service. You can get more information and confirmation it is number one in this article on  In addition to paid services there are free ways to setup your blog. It can be very easy to setup a blog on a free service, but it will not have the look and feel of blogs today. It will require much more technical skill to make a blog on a free service look like a current style blog. In fact, this blog is hosted free on Google Blogger. The top two free services I would recommend are Google Blogger and (as opposed I might add that recommends Bluehost as one of it's top two hosts it recommends. offers Free and paid hosting plans. You can start for free, and upgrade as you need it. I would still recommend Bluehost because of the outstanding support and experience they have. Again these are free, so you will have to learn most of the technical stuff yourself without support. I would definitely recommend a paid service because of the low cost and support they provide, for most people.

So, she chooses to go with Bluehost. You can begin your Bluehost Wordpress hosting anytime by clicking on the word Bluehost in most instances in this article post, and the same for other hosts mentioned here, they are linked to the websites of these hosts. This article is not meant to be a sales article for Bluehost hosting, but it is the best option for most people. Again, we are paid a small commission if you sign up for Bluehost hosting via one of these links. Once she has enrolled in hosting, it is time to start the fun part, building the blog.

This is the beginning of a series of articles on starting your blog, so this is the first article in the series, Where to Start Your Blog. In this article, we have learned about how to put your blog on the Internet using hosting, either free or paid service. In the future articles of this series, we will discuss features of free and paid services for hosting, why pay for hosting, conclusions, and begin to transition into more advanced topics like earning money and linking with other services and social media, so please check back for more. You may be able to enter your e-mail so that we can alert you when the additional articles are available. If you see this option, please enter your email to stay in touch. Thank you for joining us and becoming a fan of journal of online business (

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