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 Amazing Way to Create Brilliant Blog Headlines 

All I can think of now is where have you been all my life. I just found out today the best thing I have found on the internet in a very very long time. The thing I found is a tool that looks at my headlines for my blog post, social post, email subject lines, or anything I would need a headline for and evaluates it and scores it. It tells me a bunch of problems that may be there and how I may solve them; and then it helps me be creative and allows me to improve the score until I know that I have a winning headline, this is great.

 So I listening to a podcast and the person in the podcast, I think I was listening to the blog millionaire podcast, and the host mentioned this tool that helps you with headlines. So I went and checked it out and I was amazed.

Let me just start out by telling you some of the great features that this tool has and then let me tell you more about how it makes a difference on my headlines. Then let me tell you about a few more tools that are similar that might help you create headlines that get noticed, more likely to go viral, improve your readership, and also may increase your ranking on Google and search.

 Lets begin with the features that are found on this tool. Alright so the first feature I found it was very useful was the score. Once you type in the headline and you hit ente,r the app itself gives you a score from 1 to 100. When I began I was getting 40 and 50 for my score which is completely average right in the middle. Then it was kind of a challenge to me to see if I can get anything close to a hundred. So I did begin improving and I got to about an average of 72 to 75 which is above average according to most things results I have found. Then I got curious I went and searched Google for the top score someone had gotten on this tool for a headline and honestly I don't think I saw anything over an 85. I went back to the tool and did some tweaks to my headlines and ended up getting scores of 90 and I may have achieved a 92 maximum. So, 90 to 92 seems to be the top for me at this point. I got a 90 by really putting in a lot of words. At first I was doing like seven or eight words, which the tool itself even says that's about the right number of words. To get the scores of 90, I probably had to go with headlines over 20 words long, which is not a bad thing maybe for a Pinterest or a post where all you have is a picture and words. This type headline may be good for Instagram also, but I found that I'm going to use it for Pinterest. I took one of my ninety or ninety plus headlines for  a test on a Pinterest post I am working on right this minute.

The scoring feature is great, and that's just the tip of the iceberg with this tool. I'm surprised at how much it does for just a free tool. Tthere is not another tool, that I've found in all my years, that is something that I've been needing so much and that provided so much value. It has a great user interface, graphics and infographics, and descriptions. All-in-all just a really great tool and you can’t beat the price of free.

Okay so I covered the first feature I'm going to make this a to be continued post, because there's a lot more to this tool and it really will take me a little bit longer than I expected to make this post so, I'm going to stop here and make it to be continued.

So what I covered so far is how this tool is very useful tool. One of the best things I've ever found. I believe that you will agree, once you start using this tool, that it's one of the greatest things for free. If you're a blogger or online business person that depends on creating written content you will love this.

There are a lot more features I'm going to cover the next version of this post. I'll tell you more about it, and also tell you what the what the tool is and where you can find it.


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