Introduction to Easy and Profitable Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest and most exciting ways to earn money, or monetizing your blog. As you probably know, most people start a blog to work in an area they love, are passionate about, or know a lot about. Yet, one of the main reasons begin blogging is to earn additional money, or to earn their entire income from blogging and replace their job. To accomplish these monetization (or ways to earn money) goals on your blog, you will, if not now, eventually want to use Affiliate Marketing. This guide will continue to be a valuable resource in your efforts to begin and expand your Affiliate Marketing. I have included information about the basics of Affiliate Marketing, and also included Essential gold nuggets of information and some advanced tips that will serve you from the beginning and as you continue using Affiliate Marketing. 

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a way of earning from becoming an Affiliate (sometimes called a Partner, Ambassador, or Influencer). The way you earn from Affiliate Marketing is that you sign-up with a product you want to promote, and you are paid a commission (usually from 20 to 40%) for all the sales that are made from people you send to that product and purchase. Basically, Affiliate Marketing is like if you signed up with Whole Foods as an Affiliate, and they have a cash register for you. Everyone that goes to Whole Foods that you send goes to your cash register and buys. You get a commission for every sale at your cash register. When you choose a product to promote, they give you unique (only for you) link to their website. You place this link on your blog, and each time 

someone is interested in that product on your blog, they click on this link and purchase. Signing up for and getting approved for 
really high-quality products and brands is really easy.  So, it is exciting, fun, and effortless (once you are signed-up and have your links setup on your blog) to easily earn with Affiliate Marketing on your blog. So, with this Essential Affiliate Marketing for Blogging Guide you will be able to begin or improve your Affiliate Marketing today

Why Use Affiliate Marketing?

Easy and Effortless 

Affiliate Marketing is probably the most easy, effortless, and most profitable method of monetization of your blog, once you have signed-up and setup your affiliate links. So, it may be easier to set up Ads on your blog, but Affiliate Marketing is much more profitable and it is fast to begin. Literally you can sign up, get approved, and have Ads or Links on your blog in an hour, for those Affiliates that approve fast (I include a list of some of these fast approving Affiliates in the Affiliate Marketing Affiliates and Affiliate Networks section).  


Another reason why to use Affiliate Marketing is, Affiliate Marketing is very profitable, in comparison to Ads. Take a look at these real results of people using Affiliate Marketing to see how profitable Affiliate Marketing is for the beginner and the experienced blogger. Logan Allec of the blog Money Done Right earned over $25,000 from Affiliates in his 12th month of blogging.1 Pat Flynn, Affiliate Marketing since 2010 has earned 3.5 million dollars in his 9 years of using Affiliate Marketing.2


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