What types of blogs are the most profitable?

I just happen to have some great images that will answer this question, and a link to an article that will answer it completely, scientifically, and it is from a professional reputable study of blogging - as you will be able to understand, once you see the article and images.

These images, the link, and my brief description will answer your question perfectly, “What types of blogs are the most profitable?”

BrandonGaille.com - Blog Study Data - Images Below

Brief Answer
According to this study, Personal Finance blogs, Food Blogs, and Marketing blogs are most profitable. I am guessing they are including online business, affiliate marketing, course authors, ebook authors, and other content creators like YouTube, in Marketing. I would guess online business would be the most profitable category (or niche). This is the niche I specialize in.
Now, to summarize the information in the images below, Personal Finance and Food are always number 1, with Marketing as #3 in most areas, except Median Income (or the Middle income in a distribution of all incomes).

I think the first image most closely answers your question. In each image - the second line, or subtitle tells more accurately the information in the chart. In the first image, it shows the Blog category niche that make the most money ranked by the middle income people and they must be making $2,000 dollars (per month I am guessing based on image 2). It also says the scoring system is closest to 100 means the easiest path to earning money. So we see personal finance leading the way followed by food and marketing. Marketing, Lifestyle, Mommy, and Travel are close - but Food and Personal Finance have a substantial lead here.

Image 2 tells us that the number of blogs in each category that make over $2000 dollars per month. Here personal finance is followed by #2 marketing, with the others relatively close to one another.
So image 3 shows the median monthly income of each category. Or we could image, this is just income to make the comparison - this may be very close to answering your question also, and here Food, and Personal Finance are on top, Lifestyle, Mommy, and Travel are about the same and following, and Marketing is last.

I so want to really explain more about the statistics and why these charts leave alot to desire in answering this question if you stick to the truth of how they title each chart. Let’s just imagine the Title top line was our question, really they did not answer that question - since they only dealt with median income.

Here is the bottom line - in summation of the data - the top three making the most money are Food, Personal Finance and Lifestyle - basing this on the last image median income. Image one can tell you what your chance is to making at least $2000 dollars per month, and image 2 can tell you the easiest one to earn money in.

You can earn a good to excellent income with any blog. In my opinion it is better to blog about something that you love (in a top category, if possible) than to just try to blog about the top category, yet you don’t enjoy doing it. It is best to earn well and enjoy your work.

I hope that helps!
Gregory - Journal of Online Business - journalofonlinebusiness.com

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